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CH01-ABGK - 72dpi - small version Ten Minutes Till Deadtime+Shadow Fabric Mythos+Hor The Shadow Fabric+Novel+Horror+Mark Cassell Shadow Fabric Mythos Volume 1+Supernatural+Horror+ Hell Cat of the Holt+Shadow Fabric Mythos+Horror+Novella+Mark Cassell Sinister Stitches+Shadow Fabric Mythos+Horror+Supernatural+Collection+Short Stories+Mark Cassell Gingernuts of Horror-Promo-In the Company of False



Shadow Fabric Mythos:

The Shadow Fabric - a supernatural horror novel

Sinister Stitches - a collection horror stories

Hell Cat of the Holt - a novella


Chaos Halo 1.0: Alpha Beta Gamma Kill


In the Company of False Gods - Lovecraftian steampunk horror




"Alone with the Bones" (featured in Dragon: Ten Tales of Fiery Beasts anthology)

"Ten Minutes Till Deadtime" (featured in Hell's Garden anthology)

"Hole in the Sky" (featured in Cogwheels: Ten Tales of Steampunk anthology)

"Disturbed" (featured in Fiends: Ten Tales of Demons anthology)

"The Artist and the Crone" (featured in Hell''s Grannies anthology)

"A Sunset Companion" (featured in Hell's Kitties anthology)

"Naked Wings", "The Donation", and "Pieces of Cake" (featured in Burger Van anthology)

"The Commission" (featured in Shadows at the Door anthology)

"Away in a Mangler" (featured in Bah! Humbug! An Anthology of Christmas Horror Stories)

"The Rebirth" (featured in Collected Easter Horror Shorts anthology)

"All in the Eyes" (featured in Trapped Within anthology)

"A Story of Amber" (featured in Collected Halloween Horror Shorts anthology)

"Demon Alcohol" (featured in Doorway to Death: Afterlife anthology)

"In Loving Memory" (featured in Sparks: an Electric Anthology)

"Dust Devils" (featured in Tales From the Lake 4 anthology)

"Trust Issues" (featured in Masters of Horror anthology)